About Pure Aromatherapy

Aromatherapist and Holistic Massage Therapist

Welcome to Pure Aromatherapy, an online shop that aims to provide you with a wide range of aromatherapy products to delight your senses.

I’m Kathryn Moss, the Aromatherapist behind Pure Aromatherapy. I run a successful holistic therapy practice and one of my objectives is to extend aromatherapy out of my treatment room and into your home, so anyone can realise the benefits of this wonderful therapy. As a fully qualified Aromatherapist I have been able to develop my own range of great quality Kathryn Anne aromatherapy products:

I have developed Kathryn Anne aromatherapy products with a lot of care and attention to ensuring they provide therapeutic value as well as wonderful aromas. They are produced to the highest standards, and are fully safety-tested. In the interests of preserving our environment our packaging is minimal (whilst still beautiful and containing all the information you need) and can be recycled.

My experience as an Holistic Therapist has contributed significantly to the design of my products, as I work with many clients with differing needs. Initially I consulted with clients to choose the essential oils that would benefit them most, and then made the massage oil on the spot. That then developed into a range of massage oils that cover most situations, and from there into creams and lotions. For example, as well as using my massage oil range, I often use my luxurious face cream when doing a face massage, or my refreshing foot and body lotion at the end of a reflexology treatment. I like to think that the lovely aromas, and the care that goes into choosing essential oils that will benefit the client most, are part of the reason why I have so many massage clients who have regular treatments.

I am very passionate about Kathryn Anne Aromatherapy products, and I hope you become so too.