Skin Care

Our hand-blended skincare products are made to the highest standards using the best quality unscented creams and lotions, all sulphate and paraben free, blended with pure essential oils. Particular care is taken during the production process to ensure zero contamination of both the ingredients and the final products. The result is moisturisers, body lotions, and hand creams that both smell and feel fantastic, and take on the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils used in them. Depending on your mood you can choose the product that uplifts you, or calms and relaxes you.

The essential oils we use in our creams and lotions have been especially chosen for their therapeutic properties with regard to skin care. We frequently use “precious” oils, such as Rose, Jasmine, and Neroli (Orange Blossom), known as such because a lot of blossoms are needed to make a small amount of oil. We think you’ll agree the result is well worth it!

Find out more about the therapeutic qualities of essential oils used in our products and please feel free to contact us if you need further information.