Carrier Oils

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Nourish your skin with our superb quality unscented massage carrier oils, by using them either on their own or blended with pure essential oils of your choice. If adding essential oils use no more than 5 drops in total of one or more essential oils for every 10ml carrier oil. Find out more about the therapeutic qualities of essential oils, and please feel free to contact us if you need further information.

Carrier Oils have therapeutic qualities in their own right. They are generally moisturising and nourishing, and individual oils have other characteristics. For example, Jojoba oil mimics the action of sebum (the skin’s own natural moisturiser), and Evening Primrose Oil has hormone balancing properties.

Carrier Oils

Avocado Carrier Oil


Carrier Oils

Jojoba Carrier Oil


Our Carrier Oils come in 125ml or 200ml recyclable natural HDPE bottles with a silver-collared lotion pump for ease of use. The lotion pump used on the smaller bottles doesn't pop up, you just turn it anti-clockwise to enable the pump and back again to lock it - great for travelling.