Reed Diffusers

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Our beautiful teardrop-shaped reed diffuser bottles are made of Spanish recycled glass and come in lovely colours. Our range also includes further clear glass reed diffuser bottles, so you have a great choice of attractive designs to choose from. Our reed diffuser oils are of the highest quality, made from 30% pure essential oils and 70% environmentally friendly odourless fragrance enhancer. They come in a range of gorgeous fragrances, especially hand blended to suit specific requirements. We sell our reed diffuser bottles and oils separately so that you can mix and match as you wish.

The result is a reed diffuser second to none, beautiful to look at and long lasting. Each 3mm reed contains 20 or more individual columns (cellular sections) like mini-straws that pull the diffuser oil from the bottom to the top and release the fragrance into the air naturally. The narrow neck of our reed diffuser bottles ensures that evaporation is minimised, and each reed diffuser should last at least a year if you follow our Hints and Tips on using Reed Diffusers. There is no need for a wooden cap sitting on the shoulder of the bottle, which would detract from the elegant clean lines of our bottles and also means that the reeds are free to splay attractively.