Aromatherapy for Cats and Dogs

That's one relaxed dog!

I’ve had a few weird and wonderful experiences with pets and aromatherapy in my time, dogs, cats, you name it. I’m friends with a lovely Collie named Ollie, and he just loves his smells, as do most dogs of course. I often give his owner my towels when they’re too old for massage treatment use, for him to roll about on and to get cleaned up after a muddy walk. He really snuggles up in them and we reckon he’s drawn to the lingering aroma of pure essential oils, which remains despite them having been thoroughly washed.

The other day I called in to see a friend on my way back from doing massage treatments and a strange thing happened. We were chilling out in her garden and her cat just wouldn’t leave me alone, finally ending up making herself at home on my lap. I thought she was just being friendly but looked up to discover my friend looking at me with astonishment written all over her face! It appears said cat is generally quite unfriendly and hardly ever sits on her lap never mind a stranger’s. It must have been down to the subtle aromas I was giving off post massage, despite having washed my hands and so on. I’d been using my Calming Massage Oil, containing Frankincense, Lime, and Lavender pure essential oils. Also available as an Essential Oil Blend, which I diffuse all the time in my treatment room.

Of course pets have a much more sensitive sense of smell than we do, so consider that when using essential oils. If you’re generating stronger smells make sure the area is well ventilated. Probably the best way to introduce therapeutic aromas to your cat or dog is through using an essential oil burner or diffuser. We sell some lovely pure essential oil blends for use in diffusers that have a range of different effects including calming, relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing, stimulating, soothing. You name it we’ve created a blend for it! You can vary the intensity of the aroma by varying the number of drops you use. Another medium is our pure essential oil candles, which produce a clean subtle aroma that won’t be too harsh for pets. And of course our reed diffusers, which generate a lovely background aroma that pets will love.

Most of all watch your pet’s response – if they seem happy they probably are.