Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser – My Story

Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser

During the Covid19 pandemic in 2020 it quickly became clear that good Hand Sanitiser was almost impossible to get hold of. That situation has started to alleviate somewhat, however this is a product that is here to stay for the foreseeable future, as we all need to focus much more on hygiene. Washing your hands is always preferable, however there are many situations where that’s not possible, and that’s where my Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser will help.

I made it my mission to produce a Hand Sanitiser that is not only effective but also pleasant to use, a cut above the average. Over 60% neat alcohol is the start point, as without this viruses will not perish. However, alcohol dries out the skin and does not smell pleasant. How to counter this? Well, firstly I added Witch Hazel to try and help with the drying effects of the alcohol. Then a combination of essential oils to make it smell good. I chose Bergamot, Niaouli, and Tea Tree, partly because they’re all antiviral and antibacterial, but also because they work really well together aroma-wise. The result: a Hand Sanitiser that both feels good and has a lovely clean uplifting aroma.

A Few Things of Note

Why a spray not a gel? To my mind a spray is much more useful. You can sanitise your hands and also a whole host of other objects, plastic or metal, door handles being a good example.

Why Bergamot? I wanted a citrus oil to soften and uplift the blend. Many, such as Lemon and Lime, can be phototoxic (cause sensitivity to sunlight). I use Bergamot FCF, which is Bergaptene-free and therefore not phototoxic. It also smells fabulous!

Antiviral oils? It should be mentioned that, as explained in the previous blog article, antivirals will not stop you getting a virus. They can, however, help minimise the symptoms by suppressing the virus’ ability to replicate. Antiviral oils have not been scientifically proven to work against Covid19 yet, but they can help combat many other viruses so are worth a try.